Homemade Easy Onion Rings

These are AMAZING! I am in love! I had to force myself to stop eating them.

It is free of dairy, egg, peanut, and tree nut. Be sure the food items you use are free of these allergens to ensure your recipe is safe for your loved one by reading all labels and calling the manufacture if needed for how it is produced.

Calorie count: I have not taken a calorie count on this yet.

What you need:
1 Large Onion – Sliced
4 Cups Soy Milk
8 TBL Vinegar
2 Cups Flour
Salt and Pepper to taste
1-2 TBL Cayenne Pepper (optional)
Oil or Crisco of your choice
2014-02-27 15.17.54

2014-02-27 15.40.32
How to:
Add Vinegar and Soymilk to bowl and stir well. This creates your “buttermilk”
2014-02-27 15.19.20
Separate onion slices into separate rings and add to “buttermilk”
2014-02-27 15.29.28

2014-02-27 15.29.31
Cover with plastic wrap and place in fridge for 2-3 hours.
After onions have sat in “buttermilk” for 2-3 hours.
Place oil in pan.
Prepare your flour by adding cayenne, salt and pepper. Mix well.
2014-02-27 15.40.32
2014-02-27 15.41.04
2014-02-27 15.42.47
Oil will be ready when you sprinkle a pinch of flour into it and it sizzles.
Use tongs and scoop out 3-4 onion rings from “buttermilk”.
Quickly dip them into the flour mixture. Tossing them around a bit to coat them in flour.
2014-02-27 15.29.31

Carefully dip them into oil. Wiggle them around a bit to separate.
Remove once golden brown.
Repeat until all onion rings are cooked.
2014-02-27 19.01.07
Serve with our Buffalo Ranch Dip (find in our Dips section)
Enjoy! I bet you can not stop at just 1!!

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