Snow Ice Cream

Wait! What? Yes I said snow ice cream! This is FANTASTIC for those with food allergies! A fun treat that is SAFE!


It is free of dairy, egg, peanut, and tree nut. Be sure the food items you use are free of these allergens to ensure your recipe is safe for your loved one by reading all labels and calling the manufacture if needed for how it is produced.

Calorie count: I have not counted the calories yet :/

What you need:
5 cups fresh snow (yup, not the yellow snow) Make sure its fresh and clean
1 cup Very Vanilla Soy Milk (or your choice of any style milk
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
Toppings of your choice

How to:
With fresh snow in large bowl pour all ingredients over snow and mix, mix, mix with a fork.
Mix until everything is all incorporated.
Snow Ice Cream has a more crystaly (new word) substance to it. Not as “creamy” as real ice cream
Serve into bowls and add the topping of your choice.