Dry Rub – Rotisserie Chicken Breast – Crock Pot

Nothing like the flavor of a rotisserie chicken. I think I have came close to making a healthier version to get this flavor. Hubs liked it and kiddos liked it so either way it was a success 🙂

It is free of dairy, egg, peanut, and tree nut. Be sure the food items you use are free of these allergens to ensure your recipe is safe for your loved one by reading all labels and calling the manufacture if needed for how it is produced.

Calorie count: I have not taken a calorie count on this yet.

What you need:
4-8 boneless skinless chicken breast – thawed
onion powder
garlic salt
chili seasoning
2014-04-17 09.09.57

How to:
Start by rolling foil into balls to cover bottom of crock pot.
2014-04-17 09.12.40
I do not measure my spices. I simply add enough to the mixing bowl that I think will be able to cover the amount of chicken breast I am making. If its not enough I make more.
2014-04-17 09.15.54
Mix spices together well.
Heavily coated both sides of the chicken breast.
2014-04-17 09.18.13
Lay coated chicken on top of foil balls in crock pot. This allows the chicken to be raised up and not sitting in its own juices during cooking creating the “rotisserie” style chicken.
2014-04-17 09.26.43
Cook on low for about 4-6 hours or until chicken is fork tender and cooked through.
2014-04-17 19.42.36
You may add or alter the spices any way you would like to create the taste you are looking for.
Serve and enjoy!
2014-04-17 19.44.45
Use left overs for salads, chicken salad, and so much more!